The term “dental restoration” refers to the restoration of the initial anatomical shape of the tooth with the purpose of its efficient functioning and appropriate aesthetic appearance. In other words, restoration is the reconstruction of the initial appearance and shape of the tooth destroyed by caries, taking into account its color and transparency in the choice of the material.

Dental restoration is not a simple thing. The dentist must possess the skill of painter-restorer and apply the special technology of application in layers of the material to the teeth, while redefining their natural appearance.

The colour of each layer is individually selected and must be the same as that of the remaining hard tissues. Obturation or restoration makes it whole with the remaining tooth part. The gum around the restoration or the obturated tooth remains healthy without signs of inflammation, of pale pink colour.

Restoration is used if the tooth has been fractured, destroyed by caries more than 50%, in secondary caries with massive destruction, destructive or erosive fluorosis.

With the help of modern medical equipment and skillful maneuvers, the following aesthetic restoration procedures are carried out:

– restoring the shape and the dental aesthetic component
– correcting the form of old restorations
– radical tooth colour changing.