Dental prosthetics

In order to achieve a qualitative prosthesis, not only the professionalism and work experience of the prosthetic doctor is necessary, but also a good qualification of the dental technicians. The existence of a modern well-equipped laboratory, the use of the leading technologies and the latest generation materials offer the possibility of performing the prosthetic work at the highest level.

General indications for prosthesis:

1. Pathological abrasion. In these situations it may be necessary to restore the height of the teeth by partial or total crowns.
2. Massive destruction of the tooth crown. It is about untreated caries, when the dentist can not provide tooth resistance only by applying the filling. In this case it may be necessary to perform dental incrustations or crowns.
3. Total tooth crown destruction. When only the roots remain, prosthesis is indicated by cast crown-radicular devices and crowns.
4. Tooth missing. It is the major defect of the dental arch that has the indication of restoration by prosthetic work. Choosing the prosthesis method depends on the particularities of the defect, fixed prostheses or dental implants can be made.
5. Multiple defects of the dental arch. Typically, along with ageing more dental gaps appear. There are therefore several indications for prosthesis. And in this case there are many variants of prosthetic treatment: mobile and fixed prostheses, dental implants. Choosing the prosthesis method depends on several factors.

Novadent Stomatological Center offers a wide range of prosthetic services for restoring the functional and aesthetic denture:

  • Metal ceramic bridges and crowns
  • Prosthetic works on implants
  • Integral ceramic crowns and bridges
  • Integral ceramic restorations and veneers
  • Zirconium crowns and bridges
  • High precision and natural aesthetic prosthetic works made by CAD-CAM technology.

Novadent Clinic has a digital dental Laboratory, specialized in the whole range of prosthetic works. For more details, please visit