Dental Aesthetics

Smile says a lot about every person, that is why it’s important to know the solutions to have whiter and perfectly aligned teeth. Besides personal dental hygiene, we recommend the dental aesthetics procedures. 

The specialized dental aesthetics procedures proposed by the Novadent Stomatological Clinic are:

  • professional dental whitening
  • dental crowns
  • incrustations
  • dental facets (veneers)
  • dental implants (AlphaBio and AlphaBio NeO)

Dental Aesthetics Procedures

Dental crowns – have the role of “dressing” and aesthetically protecting the tooth. If the tooth is sick, then the dental crown will ideally preserve its previous functionality. In our clinic, dental crowns are manufactured using the CAD-CAM robotic technology. This technology offers the possibility to make with the utmost precision dental crowns of high quality materials, such as zirconium or integral porcelain. The material from which the dental crown will be manufactured is selected and analyzed together with our doctors. We recommend the integral ceramic crown that demonstrates the quality and accuracy with which it was executed.

Professional dental whitening guarantees an immaculate smile in a record time. In our clinic, the whitening system with “ZOOM 3 Plasma Lamp” has been used for many years. This system provides outstanding results in just one hour of treatment. The whitening procedure itself is harmless and is performed during 45 minutes. After such a procedure, the color of the teeth lightens on average with 6-8 shades, and the procedure can be repeated if the patient wants a whiter shade. Professional dental whitening is recommended when personal hygiene or even professional hygiene (complex scaling) is not enough to get the desired shade.

Incrustations – are mostly used to fill the missing areas in the crowns of a premolar or molar tooth. They represent small particles of integral ceramics that are made with the CAD-CAM robotic technology. They are certainly more qualitative and longer lasting (minimum 3 times) than the regular fillings made from composite resins. Making a tooth is a special process, because our technicians do it under a microscope or magnifiers, with the help of great finesse tools.

Ceramic facets (veneers) – are made of dental porcelain of the highest quality and have as main purpose the esthetic change of one or more sick teeth. Dental facets can solve several dental problems, such as crooked teeth, broken teeth, caries, patches, blackened teeth, etc. They are advantageous because they require minor polishing of the exterior tooth surface (0.6 mm), preserving the vitality of the teeth. Veneers (dental facets) fixed on even one tooth are resistant enough. In our clinic, dental facets are robotized and are individually shaped for each tooth/patient. Unfortunately, the dental facets can not be recommended to everyone, that is why after a free consultation in our clinic, the doctor will decide whether or not tooth/teeth veneering is possible. The veneers are physiognomic, with no metallic infrastructure, and the restored teeth will not show black shadows in the vicinity of the gum. Ceramic facets respect the texture and translucency of the natural teeth.

Dental implants – represent the best solution for replacing lost teeth. They act as substitutes for the natural root of the tooth to which the artificial crown is attached after osteointegration. The connection element between the implant and the crown is called prosthetic bunt. The dental implant is installed in the bone of the jaw, and if the last one is missing, it is regenerated by bone addition and augmentation techniques. The price of the dental implant treatment varies from one clinic to another depending on: the doctor’s experience, the technical equipment of the clinic, the materials used, the guarantees offered and, not the last, the quality of the dental implant. Our clinic collaborates with AlphaBio Tec, a worldwide manufacturer of dental implants. Alpha Bio has recently launched a new generation of dental implants, AlphaBio NeO, which can also be found in our clinic.