Surgery/ Implantology

Novadent Clinic performs outpatient dental surgical interventions, dental extractions and other painless procedures. In case of aesthetic and functional problems of the teeth, we use the restoration of the absent teeth by introducing the implant into the patient’s maxillary bone, bone augmentation – bone and soft tissue growth.

Dental implantology


Dental implants are the most effective solution for replacing the lost teeth. Our implantologists restore the damaged teeth and the integrity of the dental arches using implants. Thus, patients can benefit from fixed teeth placed on implants, which look just like natural teeth.

Novadent Stomatological Center collaborates with the international company AlphaBio Tec, which is a worldwide dental implant manufacturer. AlphaBio offers Lifetime WARRANTY for all its implants.

The dental implant is a dental piece made of pure, screw-like titanium. It forms an artificial root in the jaw bone, instead of the missing tooth. Above the implant the prosthetic blunt is mounted, which represents the link between the implant and the crown, the bridge or the prosthesis.

The dental implant is the best solution for recovering your former smile.

Bone augmentation

Most surgical interventions require bone tissue regeneration procedures. Thus, when the height and thickness of the bone is limited, augmentation of the bone tissue is required.

Bone regeneration technique includes the use of biomaterials (patient bone, bovine bone, biocompatible material, plasmolifting) and is performed simultaneously with the implant insertion or before implantation (6 or 8 months before).

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth do not have a functional or masticatory role. Wisdom molars are bent and wrongly positioned, so they usually are blocked behind the second molar. Being positioned in a complicated area for personal hygiene, accumulation of bacterial plaque takes place. That is why wisdom molars are associated with many dental problems. When they manage to erupt, the wisdom molars develop caries, jaw cysts or gum diseases.

What can you expect after removing the included wisdom molars?

Removing a wisdom tooth buried in the bone is not a simple extraction. It’s an operation. It consists in making a gumline cut, removing a portion of the bone to allow the tooth extraction and the gum suture at the end. As with any other surgery, you should expect some pain after the procedure. It will disappear within about a week, and if you follow the doctor’s instructions, it will be easy to bear.