All the procedures at NOVADENT Clinic are painless.

Fear of pain is more a psychological factor. In our clinic, even the anesthetic injection is practically undistinguishable. Instead of the injection, so-called topical anesthesia is used which consists of applying to the mucosa the pleasant aroma gel or a spray.

In our clinic we take into consideration the individual particularities of each patient. For each intraoral procedure, the appropriate type of anesthesia is selected.

Peripheral troncular anesthesia allows the anesthesia of a hemiarcade, requires exact knowledge and experience, this is done for the treatment of the chewing teeth.

Infiltrative anesthesia involves the introduction of the anesthetic substance into the soft tissues, at the tip of the root that acts on one or two teeth and on the mucosa.

Do not hesitate to visit our clinic, and the experienced doctors will do their best to make you feel comfortable!

Novadent anestethics